MENSAL EMERALDS.com is a innovating venture between Mensal Emeralds LLC in the US and Mensal Emeralds SAS a Colombian mining company engaged in Emeralds extraction and Emeralds trading, operated by Mensal Emeralds LLC. Stablished with the idea of leading a new and revolutionary emerald gemstones market. Despite it being a new venture, its CEO and top associates have more than 40 years in the business and the company’s working policy adapts to important values like the care for customers and suppliers, the quality of the product and the honest work.

We provide any Colombian Emerald Gemstone to our customers thanks to our business relation with a vast number of producers, including Muzo Emeralds, Gachala Emeralds, Chivor Emeralds, among others.

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Muzo Emerald Gemstone


We sell high quality Colombian Emeralds Gemstones to worldwide customers. We are producers, traders and exporters and thanks to our business relationships with a large number of other producers and traders we are able to provide Emeralds from a wide range of characteristics at the best prices.


We provide an overall better experience for our customers with: Competitive prices, an organized negotiation structure (negotiation protocol), honesty about emerald gemstones conditions (whether they have or not ANY kind of chemical treatment), easiness to find and buy gemstones and easiness for our suppliers/producers to sell at best possible prices without impairing the final buyer, you will get high quality Colombian Emeralds.


  • Competitive Prices (Fair Prices): We make a fair appraisal of the emeralds for the buyer as well as for the suppliers/producers (the company has specialized personnel to do this), we have standardized a reasonable profit margin per carat, and we always clarify the cost/benefit of obtaining an emerald gemstone with or without chemical treatment. Due to our business relations with a large number of producers we are able to provide Colombian Emerald Gemstones from a wide range of characteristics at the best prices.
  • Organized Negotiation Structure (How to Buy): We have established a detailed course of action to acquire specific emeralds on demand which facilitates the process and guaranties to both, buyer and supplier/producer an honest and fair negotiation as well as the fulfillment of our customers requirements.
  • Honesty about Emerald Gemstones conditions: All the emeralds available in our stock are certified gemstones.  When a customer establishes a requirement for determined emeralds gemstones we encourage all of our suppliers/producers to declare whether the gemstones being offered have or not any kind of chemical treatment. If a dishonest conduct, regarding the gemstones condition, is identified, the supplier/producer in question is removed from our suppliers/producers database. That way we ensure that our customers obtain exactly what they requested.
Muzo Emeralds

Emeralds Mine Entry
  • Easiness to find and buy Emeralds: We can provide any Colombian Emerald to any of our customers, from either our stock or by requirement. We provide a safe Web Platform in which customers can preview the gemstones and are able to purchase online or make a requirement for specific emerald gemstones (following the steps of the negotiation protocol), know in advance the negotiation protocol, and we offer the possibility of having the customer’s trip to buy gemstones arranged by us. All these factors result in greater efficiency to acquire Colombian Emeralds, including Muzo Emeralds, among others.
  • Easiness for our suppliers/producers to sell Emeralds: We have created a buyers database and since our main marketing strategy is focused online we have a bigger potential market than that of regular traders in Colombia. We have established detailed work rules in advance with all our suppliers/producers.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide Colombian high quality Emeralds worldwide repositioning the Emerald industry as one of the most important in Colombia. Generate credibility and make the business more reliable and more transparent when buying Colombian Loose Emeralds or Parcel of Emeralds.

Vision: To be recognized as the largest and most influential Colombian Emeralds trading company worldwide, generating value to producers, buyers and the nation.


Muzo Emerald