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If you are looking for something more exclusive and specific, follow this simple steps to send us your requirement and we will find just the perfect emerald for you.

Remember! We are producers and traders of the finest Colombian Emeralds, so we can guarantee that whatever Emerald you want, we can find it for you at the best price.

How to Buy a Specific and Unique Colombian Emerald:

  1. Formal Requirement: Fill this Requirement Form in order to have your requirement processed. The form must be filled with the following information: Specifications of Cut, Average Weight (in carats), Color (intensity of the color), Crystal (Quality of the Gemstone) and Contact information.
  2. Digital Brochure: After the requirement is processed we reply with a Digital Brochure within 5 business days. The brochure contains High Resolution Images and specifications for each gemstone that fulfill each of your specifications of cut, weight, color, crystal and price per carat.
  3. Selection: If you are interested in acquiring any of the items described in the Digital Brochure you must reply to us relating the items you wish to acquire. You will receive a Pro-Forma invoice to make the payment.
  4. Payment: Payment is made via Direct Bank Transfer to “ Mensal Emeralds SAS” bank account in Colombia.
  5. Exportation Formalities and Shipping: All exportation formalities are carried out and the Emeralds are shipped.

Before sending us your requirement please consider the following information:

  1. Emeralds are minerals extracted from the entrails of the earth and in order to be sent abroad must undergo a legal exportation process, in which PARAFISCAL TAXES and ROYALTIES (both account for 2,5% of sale price)must be paid. This taxes must be paid by the customer and have to be taken into account in the final price.
  2. There is an EXPORTATION FEE of 250 USD that must be paid by all customers independent of the country of destination and declared value of the merchandise to be exported.
  3. Customers must PAY and be familiar with DUTIES that have to be paid in the destination country, and must be aware of the percentage (%) charged by their corresponding country.
  4. Payment will only be received via DIRECT BANK TRANSFER to “Mensal Emeralds SAS” bank account in Colombia, unless specified differently by “Mensal Emeralds SAS”, given that any payment product of an exportation must be legalized as such by our bank.
  5. If the customer chooses a shipping method that does NOT insure the total declared value of the emeralds, we will provide the Air Waybill emitted by the shipping company so that the customer can insure the shipment in the insurance company he/she wishes.
  6. Customers must PAY SHIPPING FEES, according to the shipping method they have chosen.
  7. Customers MUST PAY IN ADVANCE in order to have the emeralds shipped to the country they choose. Mensal Emeralds will be willing to renegotiate payment ONLY with customers that have a long term business relationship with the company, and have previously purchased emeralds from us.
  8. Customers that come to Colombia or send a mandate to make the purchase do NOT have to worry about shipping costs, but will have to pay taxes and the exportation fee.
  9. Before the exportation is approved all emeralds will be personally verified by an officer of the National Mining Agency (ANM). The officer will certify that they are in fact emeralds and will verify that taxes had been paid, then he will proceed to vacuum seal the emeralds in an official bag to then be delivered to the customer at the airport (if the customer comes to Colombia) or to be boxed to be shipped (if the customer wants to have them shipped).
  10. Customers must understand that the emeralds offered in the digital brochure are subject to availability, our emeralds will always be on display and could be sold at any given moment before the customer begins payment process, emeralds will not be saved unless the payment is being processed.
  11. Some countries, like India, have restrictions regarding the importation of emeralds. It is the customers’ responsibility to comply with all government regulations in their country if any.
It is very important for our customers to understand that the availability of any given emerald requested depends entirely on the market at the moment of the request. Since the emerald trade is very dynamic some requirements might take longer to process than others, and some times due to shortages in production some requirements might not be met, in any case the customer will be duly informed.