Drop cut Colombian Emeralds

Drop Cut Emeralds are drop shaped emeralds, they also resemble the shape of a pear. We sell Drop cut Colombian Emeralds, varying in weight, color and crystal. We are able to provide Drop cut Emeralds ranging from 1 carat to 200 carats or more (depending on market availability). Given that any kind of emerald gemstone can be cut into drop there are Drop cut Emeralds of a very high quality and also Drop cut Emeralds of a regular quality. We have traded Drop cut Emeralds as heavy as 200 carats with a MEDIUM GREEN color and an OPAQUE crystal.
Prices vary depending on: Weight, Color and Crystal.

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2+ Cts Drop Cut Emerald DR-160601

Drop Cut Natural Colombian Emerald Cut: Drop Weight: 2,45…
© Mensal Emeralds

2+ Cts Drop Cut Emerald DR-160501

Drop Cut Natural Colombian Emerald Cut: Drop Weight: 2,25…