Loose Emeralds

Loose Emerald gemstones are purchased basically for two reasons. The first one is to be used in jewelry applications, to be mounted on rings, earrings, necklaces and many more jewels. The second one is to be used as an investment asset, as many people might purchase gold due to its rise in price which makes it more profitable than many other investments. The rise in prices of emeralds has been steady and proven to be very profitable, specially Colombian loose emeralds, which are considered to be the best in quality and most valued by buyers.

Colombian loose Emeralds come from the areas surrounding Muzo, Quipama, Coscuez, La Peña, Chivor and Gachala. In Colombia the government regulated emeralds extraction in the early 90s, and open pit mines were no longer legal due to their heavy and negative impact on the environment, extraction is now only allowed using tunnels to get to the emeralds deposits. Colombia is still by far the biggest producer of high quality emeralds in the world, in spite of countries like Brazil and Zambia increasing their production. Production of loose emeralds in places like Zambia has exponentially grown due to the low government regulation on the topic, open pit mines are very common in the mining areas and although extraction is easier this way the negative impact on the environment is masive. Nowadays is very important for customers to know the origin of a determined product, and that is mainly because there is a growing interest in topics such as; child labor, fair trade and environmental issues. Given to the many accurate measures taken by the Colombian Governmet, colombian loose emeralds traders can assure that emeralds from Colombia have been extracted without implementing child labor and without such heavy impact on the environment.

If you are looking to learn more about the extraction process of Colombian emerald gemstones you can visit this page. If you wan to learn more about the emerald trade you can visit this page. If you want to see the different cuts and types of loose emeralds we offer visit this page.

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