Colombian emerald gemstones are among the most precious colored gemstones in the gemstone market, and that’s because Colombian emerald gemstones posses exceptional quality and are very prized among traders, jewelers and final customers.

In the last decades and with countries like Brazil and Zambia increasing their emerald gemstones productions, the demand for Colombian emerald gemstones has increased, opposed to what some traders thought was going to be a constant decrease in demand and prices. Prices and demand have been growing in spite of the increasing competition due to various factors, some of them are: quality, quantity and customer desirability.

Although Colombia still produces a large percentage of the emeralds purchased worldwide, the amount of production is not related to the rise in prices, in fact, logic dictates that when the supply rises prices tend to fall, but that has not been the case with colombian emerald gemstones. This rise in prices is better explained by the two other factors: quality and customer desirability. As for quality, Colombian emeralds are known to be the best, their color and cristal quality has been above any other emerald produced outside Colombia, colors go from bluish light green to intense darker green and there are records of very bluish emeralds coming from the regions of Gachala, cristal quality is as wide in variety as color, there are emeralds that have been sold for USD 100,000 price per carat given their purity in crystal and color.

Customer desirability is one of the main factors Colombian emerald gemstones have had a rise in prices, and this is not only due to the high quality, but more of a cultural trend as happened with colombian coffee, in the early 70s and 80s Colombian emerald gemstones where without a doubt the most beautiful best quality emerald gemstones in the market up to a point where the word “Colombian Emerald” was a synonym of “best quality emerald”, nowadays some emeralds from Brazil and Zambia almost match in quality Colombian Emeralds but customers associate Colombian Emeralds to superior quality, not only because in most cases it is true, but because the word has nested within buyers and consumers.