Rucom – National Mining Agency

The National Mining Agency is the government entity responsible for administering, regulating and controlling all activities related to mining in Colombia, from granting mining licenses to controling the minerals trade. To fulfill this purpose the National Mining Agency (ANM), formerly Ingeominas, has created the National Register of Minerals Traders or RUCOM. A technological tool where traders must register, them being companies or single persons wishing to trade minerals in the country. According to the ANM the application of the RUCOM provides greater transparency to the trading activity of minerals in Colombia.
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Zambia restricts Emeralds sales

Last month the government of Zambia restricted the sale of emeralds extracted in that country. The restriction says that emeralds produced or extracted in Zambia could not be sold abroad and had to be sell in its capital. The decision was taken, as the ministry of mines said “to keep the capital from flying and to deliver Zambians the much-needed resource.”
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New Mining Code in Colombia faces trouble

The constitutional court in Colombia gave the government a term to present a new Mining Code that complies with the prerequisite of a previous consultation with the ethnic communities involved. This term comes to an end in may 13th, when all 31 articles in the code will become void.

There are four main points of concern within the government. The first one related to the inability to exploit moorlands and wetlands, with the void of the code the inability to exploit them could also be void and these ecosystems could be endangered by the possible mining operations that could be undergone. However there is a plan B regarding this issue, there has already been passed a law within the national development plan that prohibits mining activities in this areas.
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Loose Emeralds

Loose Emerald gemstones are purchased basically for two reasons. The first one is to be used in jewelry applications, to be mounted on rings, earrings, necklaces and many more jewels. The second one is to be used as an investment asset, as many people might purchase gold due to its rise in price which makes it more profitable than many other investments. The rise in prices of emeralds has been steady and proven to be very profitable, specially Colombian loose emeralds, which are considered to be the best in quality and most valued by buyers.
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Emeralds Mining

If you find the Emeralds extremely beautiful and fascinating but you don’t know exactly what they are and how they are produced, then all you have to do to understand a little bit more about Emeralds is to read this article:

The Emerald is a gemstone that is formed in the bowels of the earth by the pressure generated in the earth’s faults and the high temperature that it generates, that is why it has to be extracted by removing the topsoil and getting into deep of the earth. Emeralds are a variety of the mineral Beryl with traces of chromium and vanadium, which gives them their green color. It is as diamonds, sapphires and rubies considered as a precious stone and that is why its price is higher than some other stones like zircon, amethyst, topaz, among others. It’s considered as an investment asset by investors and exceptional jewels pieces by jewelers.
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Buying Experience

In Mensal Emeralds we want to offer an unparalleled experience to our customers. We understand that purchasing emeralds is not a simple task and that our customers are making a huge investment, one that we are sure will be retrieved far beyond expectations. We work constantly to make that experience as simple and as pleasant as we can.  That is why we have developed tools such us our Requirement Form, an e-form that enables our customers to make requirements for specific emeralds. Filling this requirement form does not take more than 5 minutes, the customer does not have to print out the form, and all this can be done from the comfort of their home or office.
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Princess cut emeralds

Emeralds we have Traded

In this blog post you will find photos of some colombian emeralds we have traded. We will update constantly photos of relevant emerald gemstones that have been traded by us, so make sure to keep checking this post to see beautiful images of the emeralds we have had access to. This post can also be seen as a sample of the quality, quantity, size and cut of the emerald gemstones we are able to get to supply our customers’ specific needs.
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Cutting Colombian Emeralds

Cutting Emeralds

Emeralds, as all gemstones, are cut into shapes for one simple reason, to highlight the beauty of the gemstone. After Emeralds are cut they are used mainly in jewelry applications, to be mounted in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on.

Cutting Emeralds consists of three steps: First remove all impurities, then cut the gemstone faces and finally polish those faces.
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Chivor Emeralds

Chivor Emeralds (Experience)

Chivor is a little town located south of Boyaca, in an area that limits with Cundinamarca. Roads to acces the area are very rudimentary and only SUVs can acces some places because of the poor condition of the roads. It is well known among the emerald trade in Colombia for it’s high quality Emerald Gemstones, given that they are considered to be among the top in Crystal quality. Not until recently Chivor was still a small producer of Colombian Emeralds, but given that Chivor emeralds are highly valuable and the demand has been increasing within buyers, production in the area has increased at accelerated rates.
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Colombian Emeralds mining Gold mine

Trouble for Gold Exploration in Santurbán

The National Mining Agency of Colombia or ANM for its spanish acronym, granted an extension to the Canadian company “Eco Gold Resources” (formerly know as “Gray Star Resources”) for the exploration stage of the mining title granted to the same company, located in the municipality of Vetas and California in the department of Santander, Colombia. The extension was granted due to “administrative silence” from the ANM, not timely responding to the extension request made by the mining company.
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