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Visit, search, find and buy emeralds from our online store, we are constantly adding new emeralds so you will always find the perfect emerald for you. Our finest emeralds are saved for special requirements, send us yours.

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Couldn’t find the emerald you were looking for in our online store? Don’t worry, send us your requirement, we are in the heart of the emerald business in Colombia, we will definitely find something you’ll love.

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We are producers, traders and certified exporters located in Bogota, the world’s capital of the best emeralds in the world, Colombian Emeralds. Our top executives have more than 40 years of experience in the business. Learn more about us.

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Not yet convinced of buying emeralds online? Visit our offices in Bogota, where you can view and purchase from almost an infinite selection. How? We have long lasting business relationships with many producers and traders.


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We sell emeralds to customers worldwide. Purchase from our online store, send us your requirement or come visit our offices in Bogota, in any case you will get the perfect emerald and the best possible experience!

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We have made it simple for you. Check out our How to Buy page and find a step by step, very detailed course of action to buy emeralds. It’s like buying them directly in Bogota without having to leave your home.

Types of cuts

Here you can see some of the most popular cuts used for emerald gemstones

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We are registered with the ANM, the mining authority in Colombia, we are certified exporters and we trade nothing but the very best Colombian Emeralds.

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