Colombia has always been the biggest high quality Emeralds producer, but it wasn’t until after the 1970 s when its potential was really exploited.

Emeralds deposits in Colombia are located in the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, specifically in the surroundings of Muzo, Chivor, Cozcues, Peñas Blancas, La Pita, Cunas and Gachalá, which is known for producing emeralds of the highest quality. According to a research conducted by Gaston Giuliani member of the center of Petro Graphic and Geo Chemical research of France, deposits in the surroundings of Gachalá have a productive potencial of incalculable value, where Mensal Emeralds has its production front.

Before 1985 Emeralds Mines where open pit mines, in which the extraction was carried out using backhoes. An operation that resembles methods conducted for the extraction of type B coal. Due to the negative impact on the environment, the Colombian Government regulated Emeralds Extraction and since then extraction had to be conducted using tunnels.

Extraction using tunnels is a relatively simple method to find Emeralds deposits, in which a tunnel is excavated towards the direction of the deposit. When the deposit is found specialized personnel extract the Emeralds.

Regulations regarding industrial safety and environmental issues have become stricter and companies have been working hard to keep up to the criteria.

Mensal Colombian Emeralds is currently studying new methods to extract Emeralds more efficiently without impairing the environment. We are always looking forward to implement new technologies to improve the process, help mitigate and reduce to none the impact on the environment, and assist the development and prosperity of the communities involved.