Emeralds Mining

If you find the Emeralds extremely beautiful and fascinating but you don’t know exactly what they are and how they are produced, then all you have to do to understand a little bit more about Emeralds is to read this article:

The Emerald is a gemstone that is formed in the bowels of the earth by the pressure generated in the earth’s faults and the high temperature that it generates, that is why it has to be extracted by removing the topsoil and getting into deep of the earth. Emeralds are a variety of the mineral Beryl with traces of chromium and vanadium, which gives them their green color. It is as diamonds, sapphires and rubies considered as a precious stone and that is why its price is higher than some other stones like zircon, amethyst, topaz, among others. It’s considered as an investment asset by investors and exceptional jewels pieces by jewelers.

Emerald extraction in Colombia is done by tunnels since the 90’s, this significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to an open pit mine and the government regulations are much more stringent regarding workers welfare, child recruitment and environmental impact. Once the tunnels are done and an Emerald deposit is found, an expert takes the Emeralds out of the rock with special tools so they can send the Emeralds to an expert Emerald cutter in order to sell them.  The extraction process used in Colombia adds value to Colombian Emeralds and makes them not only the highest quality Emeralds but the most desired gemstones.

As the environment has suffered a lot of changes due to the continuous production of goods, people -as buyers- have to change their buying habits, being conscious of what they buy and how it is produced -how it affects the environment and the people involved in the production while it is produced- is the best way to help the planet.

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