Emeralds Extraction Company

Here is a short video (YouTube) about one of our strategic allies, an Emeralds Extraction Company whose main deposits are located in the municipality of Gachala, Cundinamarca, Colombia. This company has extracted high quality Emerald Gemstones and is compliant with all government regulations regarding industrial safety and environmental mitigation. According to studies conducted by experienced scientists in the field of Emeralds, Emerald Gemstones from Gachalá are among the highest quality gemstones in the world.

It’s said that these Emerald Gemstones have an extremely clear are pure Crystal, and deposits in the surroundings of Gachalá have a productive potential of incalculable value. Among the high quality Emeralds extracted from Gachalá the “Gachala Emerald” is one of the biggest and purest Emerald Gemstone ever extracted in Colombia.

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